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AUROTEC was set up in 2012 with an intention to deliver the best software based solution for businesses seeking growth. We deliver perfection in our solutions by using the right tools and right software technology pair for an efficient and cost effective solution.

With our experienced software development crew, we are “Delivering Perfection…” in every product that we produce. Be it a full fledged banking solution or a simple billing solution, our shared vision of delivering perfection is realized.
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How do we deliver perfection?

The mantra is Passion! We are passionate about the solution what we produce that makes us deliver perfection in every single delivery.

We keep our focus on the business growth of the customer rather than the technical / functional stuff. So the solution is tuned to the rhythm of your business. This approach helps us deliver perfection in our solutions.

We envision and live the solution in our heart before starting the design or development. Naturally the alternate solutions take a back step paving way to the best solution for the scenario.

Still not convinced?

We sow the seed “Delivering Perfection…” in the induction of our beloved colleagues and we reap the same what we sow. The perfection is thought through in every simple process, be it the exception handling for a user friendly response or the color / width of border lines in the sites that we design, be it the design document that we prepare or the product that’s delivered.

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